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Aarambha Medical Services: Compassionate care, expert diagnostics, and holistic wellness solutions for your health journey.


Test Name

1. CBC,Including PCV & RBC Indices
2. MP
3. MF
4. ESR
5. Blood Group
6. Sugar
7. Urea
8. Creatinine
9. Bilirubin Direct
10. Bilirubin Total
11. SGOT
12. SGRT
13. ALP
14. Albumin
15. Total Protein
16. Gamma GT
17. HBsAg
18. Anti-HIV
19. VDRL
20. TPHA
21. Urine R/E,M/E
22. Stool R/E,M/E
23. Physical Examination
24. X-Ray
25. PGT Test Female
26. Anti-HCV

Service Delivery

The service delivery system of this center is fully scientific and practical. We accept international standard in each and every service points. The center maintains the computerized service system in every department and control by central computerized system. The center provides the medical certificate to our clients on the next working day. The center minimizes the waiting time in each service areas by appointment system.

Our aim is to assess the health of individuals seeking employment overseas, ensuring they are free from contagious diseases and medically fit for work, thereby safeguarding the citizens of destination countries.


Tel: 025587560, 585459, 9852064350

E: aarambhamdc@gmail.com


Itahari-1, Sunsari (Dharan Road) Nepal.